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The Use of Contemporary Video Art Techniques to Convey Buddhist Dhamma Teaching

This research aims to explore the use of video art based on contemporary/western performing art and visual art techniques to convey eastern philosophy of Buddhist teaching of Truth or Dhamma. The qualitative methods were used for data collecting and analysis. It is found in this research that contemporary/western video art techniques could facilitate the artist


The Sound Exchange of Movement: A Study on the Current Soundscape Conditions of Taiwan’s Metro System

Soundscape developed in Europe and Canada. In 1996, it was incorporated into urban planning in Japan. In recent years, Taiwan has begun attaching value to the conceptual application of soundscape, which is reflected on the actuation of the 2015 Taipei Soundscape project. The development of the rapid transit in Taiwan is entering into its second


“Hao Shi Duo Mo”: The Combination Practice of Gameplay and Culture Art with IPO-AER Principle

A grindstone was a kind of tool for rural people to grind beans, wheat or other Ingredients to produce food further by human power or animal power in early Taiwan. As time progresses and technology develops, this tool has gradually not been used in modern life of Taiwan, but for many elders, the grindstone is


The Contemporary Art Market in Istanbul

Istanbul has been a city that has the most active role in culture and art area in Turkey from past to present, hosted developments that have occurred in the field of traditional and contemporary Turkish art. Especially, with the rise of the number of gallery, museum and institutions that support art in recent years in