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The Study of Primary Educational Students with Immigrant-Worker Parents in Sakaeo Province, Thailand

This study was aimed toinvestigate current conditions inprimary education for children of immigrant-worker parents in Sa Kaeo Province, Thailand,in order to find out problems and obstaclethat occurred among these students.The qualitative research used in the study was designed with an in-depth interview technique.The participantswere 20 students,20 student’s parents, and 6 teachers who taught in the


The Study of an Impact of Immigrant-Worker on Public Health: A Case Study in Sakaeo Province, Thailand

This qualitative research aimed to study impact of immigrant-worker on health situation in SaKaeo, and proposed strategies to improve it. The site of study was Sakaeo province in the Eastern of Thailand, nearest Cambodia, which a lot of immigrant-worker. In-depth interview was used for collecting data. The researcher interviewed 20 persons: Tambom Health Promoting Hospitals


UNHCR’s Self-Image: An Assessment of Its Corporate Identity and Corporate Image

Since companies and institutions in today’s world not only market their product and services but also themselves; increasing attention is given to their identity and image. This paper tackles the dimensions of corporate identity based on Melewar’s taxonomy in reference to the UNHCR bureau in Lebanon, and perceives the image of the organization on the