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The Migrant Protagonists in Ignacio Del Moral’s La Mirada Del Hombre Oscuro and José Moreno Arenas’ La Playa

The constant movement of populations in the search of better living conditions has been observed since the early days of the human history. In recent decades Europe has been facing an ongoing migratory wave that has been shifting the social, political, cultural and economic dynamics of its countries. Spain has experienced the impact of this


Transracial Adoption: Love and Pain

In various social and political discourses, we hear that orphaned children need homes and love, and that children of the disenfranchised are being stolen (Briggs, 2012). In the spectrum of families forming between these situations, I ask what are the possibilities for loving relationships when individuals, from different cultures and ontological understandings, are positioned together


The Representation of a Protest against Jakarta’s Governor in the News: A Transitivity Analysis

News as discourse has an essential role in shaping people’s opinions or views on a particular event or a social actor. Different ways to report the same news can bring different ideology and thus differences in representation (Fowler, 1991). This paper employs transitivity (Systemic Functional Linguistics) approach to examine representations of social actors involved in


Anthropomorphic Imagery and Characterization in Haruki Murakami’s Novel Kafka on the Shore

The research paper traces the effect of employing anthropomorphic elements in Haruki Murakami’s novel Kafka on the Shore. The delicate art of characterization when combined with anthropomorphism highlights the very nature and function of Murakami’s animals. The article traces the function and effect of imagery, as a literary technique, in highlighting the characteristics of the