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Employees Seek Justice as Religion and Work Intersect: A Perspective From the United States

The main goal of this conceptual paper is to showcase how religion impacts the workplace in the United States (US). The demographics in the US workplace today is a rich mosaic of employees from various religious backgrounds such as Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, among others. One of the predominant factors for this diverse religious


Eusebism and the Unified Theory of Rights

In ancient Greece was coined the term εὐσέβεια to define a sense of respect of exceptional magnitude, as the two terms used implied “ευ” (good) and “σέβομαι” (to respect, revere). We live in what Bobbio described as “the age of rights” and new rights are raising everywhere, as well as the proposals to recognize new subjects


Justice and the Cyberworld

In its widest sense, justice creates conditions that enable each member of the society to flourish. Justice directs individual to respect and promote rights of the individual in the world we live in. Today, at one’s fingertips, social interaction takes on a new dimension as time and space condense creating a reachable world. Yet, it