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Power-Dependence of British Central-Local Government Relations and Interdependence of International Relations in the EU

Power-dependence theory of intergovernmental relations (Rhodes) and interdependence of international relations (Keohane and Nye) are known as approaches for analysis of domestic and international politics, respectively. Both theories deal with political dependence and conflict in different fields, that is, the domestic political situation with the same law, and multiple states with different laws and different


Develop the Independent Corruption Eradication Commission Through Redesigning the Recruitment Mechanism of the Corruption Eradication Commission’s Chairman

The Corruption Eradication Commission was formed as a special government institution to combat corruptions. The institution is constitutionally granted an authority to combat corruption. Thus, it is important to be an independent institution which is free from other institutions’ interference. The independency requirement of the Corruption Eradication Commission is very crucial in order to maintain


Dilemma of Values in Public Policy Accountability: Implementation of the Street Vendors Empowerment Policy Network in Makassar City

Policy network is a container that can combine efficient and democratic values as the classic debate of the public accountability study until today. Community Empowerment Agency (CEA) is a network-based organization that implements street vendors policy in Makassar City. The aim of study is to explain the cognitive, normative, and regulative system of CEA in