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Balancing the Hybridization of Public Libraries and Private Companies

This article explores how the government balances hybridization of public libraries and private companies based on a study in Japan. This research makes three important contributions to the research arena of hybridization by conducting in-depth case study and ethnography. First, through research into the management model of hybridization, we shed a light on public governance.


Organisational Culture that Facilitate Lean Implementation

Purpose: Lack of research regarding the critical factor of organisational culture related to lean implementation and Culture is the key factor to making the changes for lean implementation (Pakdil and Leonard, 2015). Implementing lean into industrial SMEs faces difficulties, whereas it is more likely to be implemented successfully in larger companies, which then gain the


Quality Management and the Reduction of Unproductive Times in Agro-Industrial Processes: Bonduelle Portugal

Because of not adding value to the final product, the unproductive times are the subject of this study, in order to proceed, when possible, to its elimination, or the reduction of its duration. The studies to be developed during this work has as main objective, the creation and implementation of a procedure to reduce the variability,