Tag: Indigenous People’s/Ethnic Literatures and Minority Discourses


Unjust Identity Quest: Sahar Khalife’s the Inheritance: A Post-Colonial Study

In Sahar Khalifeh’s novel The Inheritance, the reader is immersed in a hysterical world of various Diasporas revealed between the US and Palestine. Most characters are in the process of identity quest; a journey that acquires a greater importance and difficulty in this novel because it mirrors the Palestinians’ search for home and national existence.The


The Ingenuity of Kapampangan Novels in the 20th Century

The inquiry is a breakthrough attempt to initiate an investigation on Kapampangan novels that have flourished in the early 20th century after more than three centuries of Spanish conquest and during the early part of the American occupation. The province of Pampanga which has been inaugurated by Spain in 1571 has recorded multiple revolts against