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Animated Tale of Pirates: The Tale of the Unspoken

We often gain our understanding of history through popular media, just like we think we know sea pirates and the life they live from how popular culture shapes them through films and novels. Indonesian historians have been trying to trace back evidence from South East Asia’s maritime history, particularly in Indonesia region to answer the


Theo Angelopoulos: “A Voyage in History, Time and Space”

This paper aims to analyse the historical and dialectical approach of Angelopoulos’s mise-en-scene as well as its connection to historical events in his films: Day’s of ’36 (1972), The Travelling Players (1975), The Hunters (1977), Alexander the Great (1980). Angelopoulos was particularly interested in the Greek History of the twentieth century, and he puts it


From Greatcoats to Gym Tunics: Reading History through Images of Women Playing Netball

Visual representations of women playing sport have always struggled to gain a consistent foothold in the visual history of sport. The most significant period of visual scarcity was in the pre-television era when few had the funds or the ability to record and distribute moving images. Cinema newsreels and locally produced films which showcase women