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Eco-Innovations: Kick-Starting the Circular Economy

The generation of goods and services depends on the use of natural resources and generates discards throughout the productive process. The current economic model based on overproduction and overconsumption caused global warming and the growing depletion of natural resources. Deteriorating living conditions on the planet made discussions on sustainability and environment become an urgent issue.


The Needs of Sustainability Solid Waste Management in Perhentian Island, Terengganu

Perhentian Island, located in the South China Sea at the northeastern corner of Peninsular Malaysia, has been one of the favorites whose tourism activities have increased considerably. The large amount of wastes produced by tourist is a difficult problem for small islands particularly since it is typically generated over a short period, thereby often overloading


Towards Sustainable Buildings Production Through the Lens of Lean Construction Perspectives

The study proposes the application of the principles of lean construction to the processes that would lead to the production sustainable buildings. This is aimed at promoting sustainability in the built environment, because buildings form the greater per cent of the built environment. Sustainable buildings are the products of sustainable processes of design and construction,


Treatment of Wastewater Contaminated with Water-Based Varnish and Glue Using Wasted Chemical and Materials in Coating/Lamination Plant

Vanish coating is usually applied to protect the surface and add the value of printed products. Water-based coatings have become popular in the printing industry because of their environmentally friendly and odorless. However, high volume of wastewater from many coating plants need to be treated with low cost. The objectives are to survey the source


A Sustainable Cement Replacement Material From a Coal-Fired Power Plant Waste

Electrical energy is an important in a daily life. Coal is a primary fuel for electricity production. The waste from the coal-fired electricity generation is a fly ash. The numerous fly ash is a low quality fly ash (LQFA). LQFA is a low reactivity ash, and is a hazardous waste. Normally, LQFA is stored in


Synthesized Silica From Rice Husk for Anti-Slip Overprint Coating

Thailand is among the top ten rice exporters that have produced more than 30 million tons of rice in order to serve domestic and worldwide consumption. In a process of rice milling, more than 10 million tons of rice husk as agricultural waste are disposed. Since rice husk is enriched with abundant silica (SiO2), this