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Unmanned Aerial Remote Sensing System (UARSS)-Derived Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) To Soil Moisture Mapping

Satellite remote sensing systems have been widely applied to soil moisture monitoring but are unsuitably applied to that of small areas, which merely cover several hectares, due to their low spatial or temporal resolutions. In order to address the soil moisture mapping of the small areas in Kinmen, Taiwan, a multispectral sensor carried on an


The Study of Design Elements and User’s Behavior in Public Space: A Case Study of Pattaya Beach Road Public Space

This research aimed to investigate the user’s behavior of the public open space, a case study of Pattaya beachfront public space, Chonburi province, the second most visited city in Thailand, after Bangkok. By studying the characteristic of landscape design elements, activities and the surrounding context to analyze the relationship of the various factors that affecting


Managing Carbondioxide Emissions Through Spatial Planning: An Approach in the Realization of Sustainable Development in Indonesia

In the last decade, emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased significantly. Recorded by the IPCC (2007), the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere in 2007 was higher than scenario A1F1 prediction. The high concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has become a threat to sustainable development in the world, including in Indonesia. Indonesia