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Electrochemical Treatment of Oily Wastewater Using Three Dimensional Steel Wire Electrodes

Electrochemical technologies have been successfully applied for the removal of heavy metals, dyes, organics and oils from wastewater. In the present study, a sample of wastewater containing cutting oils were treated by applying potential difference to the electrodes, which were formed by two beds made of steel wire pieces. In order to improve separation efficiency


Upward Flow Analysis of Methanol in Hydrofracking

Energy resources and generation of energy have always been popular topics since the industrial revolution. While the necessity for increased energy generation stands out clearly, debates have been arising pertaining to different energy resources, methods of extraction of resources, and processing techniques with environmental and health safety concerns. Shale gas is one of those resources,


A Study into Residential Energy Use in Adelaide Metropolitan: Determinants and Effects on Household’s Consumption

Energy consumption in residential buildings is a significant contributor to world energy use and related greenhouse gas emissions, since residential sector absorbs about one-fifth of global energy demand stems for heating, cooling, lighting and running appliances in dwellings. This paper analytically examines the effects of various determinants on household energy consumption. Household characteristics, dwelling type