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New Methods of Interaction in Virtual Reality for the Study of Archaeological Data

One of the biggest challenges that the analysis of archaeological data in virtual reality presents is the interaction. Within the project of reconstruction of Kaulonia archaeological site in Monasterace (Italy), developers had to deal with the need to implement an interface system inside the application without using external devices, in order to facilitate archaeologists in the


Exploring the Relationships among Innovation Diffusion Roles, Brand Communities Engagement Effect on Virtual Brand Communities

In recent years, the number of people using online communities continued to rise. The study found that more and more consumers find and evaluate desired goods through social media networks, as marketers also continue to improve their marketing skill, not only to promote brand recognition, but more importantly, to increase user participation. However, the link


Stories We Tell Our Selfies

Selfies have become a common social practice for a significant number of people throughout the world. While some criticise selfies as attention seeking or narcissistic, others have argued that they are a form of visual diary and a way for an individual to tell their own story. This would make them a kind of autobiography


Digital Writing in the Workplace: The Present and the Future

As in most other fields of the humanities, writing has been greatly transformed by digital technologies, and this transformation is still undergoing. Writing is an omnipresent activity, both in our personal and professional lives. In professional settings in particular, writing receives growing attention from scholars because of its key role in the knowledge economy. Indeed,