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Indian Sandalwood Fragrance Culture from East to West

The present study explores the cultural and techno sphere of Indian Sandalwood that has been affecting the increase of the research and development of Indian sandalwood plantation. The method used is the literature survey of standard journals, reports of the government and the corporate industries. Historically, Sandalwood’s natural forest is of great importance and deeply


Modeling Sustainable Futures: Cultural Shift Strategies

Recognition of the detrimental effects of rapid industrialization have resulted in the development of policies that are designed to promote and ensure greener futures for all. In this paper we will look at New York City and the policies passed by two mayors since 2007. These policies that push sustainability in New York City are


The Sustainability and Justice of the Conservation of Modern Architecture in Thailand

The study of modern architecture in Thailand highlights the period of 1932-1985 A.D. which depicted the period of cultural transition and the founding of civilization that has been shaped by significant social, economic and political changes to the nation. All this has been much reflected in Thai architectural works. In that period, numerous buildings and