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Teaching English Academic Writing Skills through the Flipped Classroom Model and Team-Based Learning

In recent years, there has been increased interest of flipping the classroom, a student-centered instructional model that makes classwork done at home via lecture videos and homework done in class. The ultimate goal of the flipped classroom is to enable students to spend more face-to-face class time working with the teacher or peers on creative,


Strategies and Methods for Creating an Educational Computer Game that Teaches Idioms

This paper will explain a number of strategies and evidence-based methods which were used to ensure the effective teaching of idioms to English as a Second Language students. Idioms are low-frequency vocabulary which require explicit instruction. In such a situation, it is often difficult to engage students and promote long-term learning. One method of addressing


Enhancing Vocabulary Learning through Pictures by E-Mails

This paper reports on the study of students’ vocabulary learning through pictures by e-mail and their attitude towards their learning. Seventy- two fourth year students of English for International Communication major studied in a five week vocabulary learning enhancement activity. Each student had two jobs to do in the process of learning vocabulary. One, the student