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Bio-Oil Production From the Pyrolysis of Blue-Green Algae for Sustainability Alternative Fuels

Pyrolysis experiments of blue-green algae (Arthrospira platensis) were carried out in a custom-built tube reactor to determine the pyrolysis conditions which was affected by the production of pyrolysis oil. The effects of process variables; the operating temperature (400-600 oC), raw material federate (0.4-3.0 kgh-1 ), particle size (150- 800 µm) and N2 flowing rate (50-250


Qattara Depression and Its Hydropower Potential

The Qattara Depression in Egypt has been suggested to be used for hydropower production. This paper investigates the possibility of having a Hydropower plant in this location to solve the current energy problem in the region, by providing the most updated results that would be used in such a project compared to previous studies. Hydrological


Estimating Effectiveness and Efficiency of Solar Energy Policy for Indonesia: A Hybrid Agent-Based Model Analysis

We estimate the impacts of four renewable energy policy interventions to photovoltaic (PV) market size, government expenditure, economic growth, and environment. For this reason, we develop an agent-based model dedicated to capturing the specific economic and institutional features of developing economies focusing on Indonesia. We undertake an integrated approach to ABM by combining input-output analysis,