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Sports News on Commercial Music Radio: Reinforcing National Identity?

News is an important area where the nation turns to looking for an understanding of national and world events and to place it in a historical context. Arguably, the quality of this information can only be obtained when there is a diversity and plurality in media offerings. Modern commercial music radio is now in a


When a Media Entity Humanizes its Identity Politics of Representation in The Filipino Channel’s Own Historiography

The study is a critical discourse analysis of the ‘auto-historiography’ of The Filipino Channel (TFC) in the form of periodic station IDs and 20th anniversary audio-visual presentation. It looks into how TFC constructs a humanized identity of itself as a transnational Filipino, and why maintaining such an identity is necessary for longevity. Using the three-dimensional


Journalism Ideology in Practice at a South African Public Radio Station

The core functions of journalism form part of a certain belief system or ‘ideology’ concerning journalism. Most journalists and journalism educators are trained in elements of this ‘belief system’ and therefore they practice in the industry according to their own ‘journalism ideology’. Although social media has led to more power being placed in the hands


Perception and Construction of Children’s Perspectives on Japanese Superheroes: A Comparative Study on the Ways Children in Singapore and Malaysia Appropriate Media Cultures

Japan has emerged as one of the global players in media content, and many of Japanese media artifacts enjoy immense popularity in many Asian countries, including Malaysia and Singapore. A study was designed to understand and document the perception and construction of children’s perspectives on Japanese superheroes that will reveal the ways children understand their