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Blended Language Learning: Using Facebook as a Pedagogical Tool to Enhance Thai EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension Through Internet-Based Reading Materials

This paper aimed to examine Thai EFL learners’ reading comprehension ability through a blended language learning environment: the integration of regular face-to-face teaching method and the implementation of online reading activities. In this experimental research study, the participants were Thai EFL undergraduates randomly selected and assigned into two groups, namely a control group and an


Blended Learning for In-service Teachers’ Professional Development: Lessons from the Experience of a Singaporean Chinese Language Teacher Educator

Traditional face-to-face workshop is a common avenue for the professional development (PD) of in-service teachers. Chinese Language (CL) teachers in Singapore also attend such workshops frequently. Research has however shown that such workshops often failed to establish sustained learning and produce little impact on teachers’ practice, as well as students’ achievement. To address this efficacy


Flipped Classroom: The Case of Professional English Writing Course

Recently the teaching trend is to keep up-to-date with the boom in technology. Flipped teaching, which is rated as one of the “top trends in educational technology” (Watters, 2012), has gained foot in the EFL/ESL classrooms only recently (Fahim & Khalil, 2015; Bauer-Ramazani, Graney, Marshall, & Sabieh, 2016). To follow the teaching trend, the researcher