ISSN: 2188-112X – The European Conference on Language Learning 2014: Official Conference Proceedings

ECLL 2014, Brighton, United Kingdom
Conference Theme 2014: “Individual, Community, Society: Connecting, Learning and Growing”
Wednesday, July 9, 2014 to Sunday, July 13, 2014
ISSN: 2188-112X

Conference Programme

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Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

The Transformational Impacts of the Language Tourism Experience
Montserrat Iglesias

Contrastive Analysis of French and Yoruba Language
Mercy Eghonghon Odudigbo

The Attitude toward the English One Course by First Year Students
Jutaporn Parapob

Grammaticality Judgement Test:
Does it Reliably Measure English Language Proficiency?

Bee Hoon Tan

TESOL Teachers' Reflections on their Language Learning Experience:
A Case Study of Three Primary English Language Teachers in Vietnam

Chinh Duc Nguyen

Putting Object Before or After Verb:
The Acquisition of VO and OV Word Orders in Mandarin Chinese

Ya-Ching Yeh
Letitia Naigles

Bridging the Gap in the West African Native Language Learning; What Need to Be Done
Ejembi Johnny Francis

Linguistics and L1 Transfer in the Service of Pre-Service L2 Student Teachers
Talia Rubovitz-Mann

Rural Basic Education for All:
The Impact of the Language of Instruction on the Quality

Patrice Ntawigira

Case Study of Japanese Language Teaching in a Multicultural Learning Environment Where
Different Students Expectations May Exist in Teaching and Learning

Junko Winch

Redesigning Tertiary Level EFL Courses on a National Scale
Linda Weinberg
Miriam Symon

The Common Semantic Feature of 'Irregular' Noun Plural Forms in English
Elena Even-Simkin

Place-Name Target Multi-Source Metaphor and Metonymy
Irina Kondakova

How Far Does the Influence of Cultural Differences Go on the Implementation
and Outcome of a Pedagogical Approach? Implications from Two ESL Classrooms

Marine Yeung

Ongoing Project: Curricular Design for English Extension
Courses at Universidad Libre, Bogota - Colombia

Elba Consuelo León Mora
María Cristina Granada de Córdoba

English Language Vocabulary Usage of Indigenes of Ede:
A Predominantly Yoruba Speech Community

Adebola Oyediran
Adebola Michael

Implementing Incidental or Intentional Vocabulary Learning Strategies:
Estimating the Receptive Vocabulary Size of University Level English Language Learners in Malaysia

Debbita Tan Ai Lin

Asking Effective Referential Questions in an EFL Classroom
Jirapa Abhakorn

Meaning for Meaning:
Applying the Theories of Dynamic Equivalence and Contextual Correspondence in Language Translation

Rosario Mahusay-Baria

Constructing a Democratic English Language Classroom
Dingding Jia

South Algerian EFL Learners' Errors
Bachir Bouhania

Done with the Do's in a Venn
Josephine P. Galicha

If at First You Don't Succeed ...
Miriam Castro Huerga

Encouraging Young Learners to Speak and Write
Sabrina Bechler

A Preliminary Report of the Use of Piazza for a Language Class
Takako Aikawa

Language, Culture and International Communication
Amelia Molea

Implementing Environmental Sustainability Issues in
English Language Teaching for Schools

Laura de Almeida

Toward Authentic Language Assessment:
A Case in Indonesian EFL Classrooms

Anak Agung Istri Ngurah Marhaeni
Nyoman Dantes

Native English Speaker Teachers versus Non-Native English
Speaker Teachers in King Khalid University: Myths and Realities

Merzin Alshahrani

The Effects of Input Type and Tasks on Vocabulary Learning
Masumi Kai

The Correlation between Personality and Gender in Second Language Acquisition:
A Case Study

Magdalena Trinder

Interlanguage (IL) development and Common European Framework of
Reference (CEFR) proficiency levels in Sardinian high secondary school students

Maria Antonietta Meloni

The Spirit of Post-Methods Era Produces Innovative
Methodologies and Successful Learners

Maria Arokiaraj