ISSN: 2189-1001 –The Asian Conference on Business and Public Policy 2014: Official Conference Proceedings

ACBPP2014, Osaka, Japan
Conference Theme 2014: “The Data-Enriched Enterprise”
Thursday, November 20, 2014 - Sunday, November 23, 2014
ISSN: 2189-1001

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Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Political Instability and the Roles of Governments
in the Implementation of the Education Reform
Policy in Thailand from 1999-2009

Thipsarin Phaktanakul

Bankruptcy Cancelation in Indonesia:
A Labirin for Curator Fee Execution

Ronald Hasudungan Sianturi
Theresia Simatupang

Developing Staff Schedules under the Constraint of Constant
Total Staff Quantity in a Gas Station

Sarun Dunsathit

Accounting Standard for SMEs in Japan
Sachiko Kushibe

The Conceptual Relationship between Work Values
Ethics, Innovation and Leadership

Nuttawuth Muenjohn
Adela McMurray

Re-Thinking on Public International Law
Mohamed Elamin Elbushra Mahgoub

The Influence of Organizational Communication
on Service Culture of Thai Airways International

Chitpong Ayasanond

Negotiation Practices in Japan:
An Update on the Bubble Era

William W. Baber

The Conceptual Link between Leadership and Innovation:
The Role of Organizational Climate and Personal Initiative

Solmaz Moghimi
Nuttawuth Muenjohn

Strategic Partnership between Australia and Thailand:
East Timor and a Legal Case against EU at WTO

Thosaphon Chieocharnpraphan

A Novel Executable Framework for Protecting Personal
Information at Risk: Taiwan Experiences

Da-Yu Kao
Cheng-Yu Peng

A Novel Process Framework for Digital Forensics Tools:
Based on ISO/IEC 27037:2012

Da-Yu Kao
Guan-Jie Wu
Ying-Hsuan Chiu

Human Capital and Technical Efficiency: An Analysis of the Stochastic
Production Frontier and Inefficiency Effects Model for Thai Manufacturing SMEs

Yot Amornkitvikai

Measuring the Effects of Online-To-Offline Marketing
I-Ping Chiang
Chia-Yi Lin

Bridge the Gap of Overlooked Loopholes in Societal Structures
Mahaweera Sahaschai
Rattanasanwong Karunan

Social Media Censorship Policy and Law: Balancing
Good Governance and National Security

Non Naprathansuk

The Financial Constraints and Firm's Profitability:
A Case Study of the Indonesian Transportation
Companies Listed in Indonesian Stock Exchange

Fitriani Ramadhina
Neneng Djuaeriah

University Branding and Rural Tourism through
the Interactive Information Kiosk System

Tzu-Ching Lin
Nuntasaree Sukato

Mapping the Regional Potentials of Public Private
Partnership in West Java Province, Indonesia

Budiman Rusli
Riki Satia Muharam

Japanese Subs for Australia? Developments in Australian
Defence Procurement/Japanese Defence Export Policy

Craig Mark

Is There a Liability of Japaneseness in Least Developed
and Developing Economies:A Study of the Japanese
FDI in The Middle East and Africa

Amine Bouyoucef
Sulin Chung

Technical Efficiency of Micro and Community Enterprises:
Evidence from Dok-Kham-Tai District, Phayao, Thailand

Piyapong Sangkaew

Designing a Creative Tourism Supply Network:
Experiential Perspectives

Wuttigrai Ngamsirijit

Regional Income Inequality and Well-Being:
A Case Study in the Northeast of Thailand

Narissara Charoenphandhu