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Education, Technology and Cultural Change: A Review of Social, Cultural and Religious Practices of the ADI Community of Arunachal Pradesh, India

Arunachal Pradesh is a home to twenty six major tribes and more than fifty sub-tribes. A majority of the people are of Mongoloid race with unique characteristics in terms of dress, language and customs. The tribal societies follow patriarchal and primogeniture system and practice endogamy while strictly observing the law of clan exogamy. However, with


The Implications of TV White Space to Development Programs in Philippine Rural Areas

TV White Space is recognized as an emerging approach to addressing the digital divide, and this has been piloted and tested in several countries all over the world. Deployment of the technology in the Philippines has been described as the largest in Asia. . In 2014, the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance urged the National Telecommunications Commission


The Application of Ic Ticketing System in Clinic Fees Payment

The purpose of this study was to investigate the demand of application of IC ticketing system in domestic retail industry by examining the needs of adoption of small amount paying method and the reasons for customers using of IC stored value card in this industry and aimed at providing suggestions on the e-development of small


A Hybrid Digital Watermarking Method Using Sectioning and Dwt Technique in Chrominance Channel

In this research, we proposed a hybrid method to improve performance of extraction process of the digital watermarking by applying the multiple sections embedding technique together with DWT digital watermarking method in the embedding process. The YCbCr colour space was selected for embedding and extracting a watermark signal. Also, a new pixel prediction method is


Social Media Technology as a Disruptive and/or Complementary Technology in Higher Education: A Case Study of Vhembe Further Education Training College-South Africa

Social media technologies are being widely used by students in institutions of higher learning and these are transforming their way of learning, social conduct, communication and networking. Complements and disruptions of social media technologies appear to be blurred in the technologies that are currently on the market. It was with this intend that this research


Developing a Game-Based Proprioception Reconstruction System for Patients with Ankle Sprain

Research results have revealed that ankle sprain is the top one cause for sport injury, indicating the relatively high demand of rehabilitation programme due to ankle sprain. For patients with ankle sprain, apart from providing treatment for joint and muscle tone, in order to maintain body balance and stability, proprioception reconstruction should also be considered


A Study of Relocation Factors of Production Base and Investment of Japanese Investors from Thailand to CLMV+I Countries

The aim of this research is to study the factors that affect theories applied to the inventory management of auto- parts manufacturing companies. The sampling group was the executives who were responsible for inventory management of 342 auto- parts manufacturing companies located in industrial estates. Systematic random sampling was used to select the samples. The