Category: Technology and Applied Sciences


Virtual Reality to Increase Intercultural Competence and Openness

Using the framework of Allport’s contact hypothesis (1946) and Deardorff’s pyramid for Intercultural competence (2006), this study examines the findings of using virtual reality (VR) in university communication classes to increase intercultural competence and motivation to learn about foreign countries and cultures. Twelve students spent fifteen to twenty minutes traveling the world using Wander software


The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Society, Education, and Work: Global Society in the Age of Autonomous Systems

This study compares and contrasts major trends in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and examines the changes that AI is causing in society, education, and work. Based on current trends, predictions regarding future directions of AI research and its impact on society are made. Recommendations are made regarding the responsible and effective use of


Exploration of Self-regulation and Impulsiveness Between Problematic Online Gamers and Non-gamers

Self-regulation refers to the basic skills of attention, which is an advanced level process on conscience and effortful inhibitory control (Konstanz, 2009; Liu & Chang, 2018). Previous research studies claimed that self-regulation might be one of the important risk factors for game addiction (Griffiths, 2010; Safarina & Halimah, 2019; Yau et al., 2013). In addition,


The Effects of Chatbot Gender on User Trust and Perception towards Shopping Chatbots

This study investigates the influence of chatbot’s gender on user trust and perception toward shopping chatbots in social media marketing, to better understand whether people perceive chatbots differently just because of their gender cues on screen. A between-groups experiment was conducted, 120 participants were recruited to interact with one of the four chatbots: (1) chatbot


A Study of Virtual Reality in Digital Interactive Field of Light Art

In the past, most of the works of art were fixed, but due to the increasing number of cases of virtual reality and art, the way of artistic expression can be preserved in the form of technology. In order to allow art to be exhibited in a virtual reality, the possibility of combining virtual reality


A Research on Interactive Augmented Reality Applied in Product Advertisement – A Case Study of External Product Package

Due to the rapid development and rising popularity of mobile device, product advertisements and marketing can be presented in a more creative way. Augmented reality can combine reality with the scenario of virtual world and bring more business value. This research proposes an interactive augmented reality application applying to advertising of external product package and


The Research and Creation of Projection Mapping on Motion Poster Design

Posters have been used as advertising media for a long time. However, the effect of printed posters are limited since the development of technology and widespread of internet. Motion posters are used more often nowadays. Moreover, more designers are trying to break the stereotypes by combining projection mapping technology and outdoor poster form to create


Portable Monitoring Devices Using IR Technology and their Social Impact

Portable monitoring devices are widely used by people from different sectors of the society and their use is steadily increasing. Health monitoring and environmental monitoring have drawn the attention of many personnel as key monitoring areas that need major improvements. Targeting these advances, infrared (IR) technology has used to develop the imaging – type two