Category: Media Management and Economics


Exploring the Possibility of Regional Brand Expression Through Regional Learning by Local Independent TV Stations — Case Study of Mie Television Broadcasting and Kyoto Broadcasting

This research study explores the reasons why specific local independent TV stations have developed sustainably and increased their existence value. Through two case studies on Mie TV and Kyoto Broadcasting, it is derived that both “regional learning” and “organizational learning” are the key to survive the other Internet tools such as SNS. These two keys


Impact of Motivation on Job Performance in Nigeria Broadcast Industry

This study was carried out to know the impact of motivation on job performance in a broadcast organization. The scope does not go beyond metropolis. Public and private broadcast media (OGBC and Rockcity F.M). The study highlights the design of the study, subjects, sample, measuring instrument and the procedure followed in establishing the impact motivation


Communication Process of Community in the Conservation of Biodiversity: A Case Study of the Doi Saket Chiang Rai Province Community

The objection of this research is to study (1) To study the Doi Saket Community. (2) To Study the Communication Process of Community in the Conservation of Biodiversity Case Study Doi Saket Community. This was a qualitative research based on a sample of 5 government staff of Chiang Rai Municipality and 5 Community leaders of