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Pushing European Boundaries Towards East and West: Gulliver in Japan and America

Worldwide, in the East as well as in the West, one character has become a part of everybodys childhood, regardless of ethnicity, national or cultural belongings, age and status. The fame of Lemuel Gulliver has survived from early eighteenth century until today, outlasting many other fictitious protagonists in world literature, making Jonathan Swifts Gullivers Travels


Searching for the Spice: On Chinese Diaspora’s Food Practice in Helsinki, Finland

In this research project, I examined the ever-changing interconnected relations between immigrants’ identity construction, food practice and the broader social formations in their respective adopted countries. The main research questions were guided by this vision: Are food practices of Chinese diaspora in Helsinki facilitating the construction of a new, creolized, hybrid “Chinese-abroad identity”? To what


Teaching Cross Cultural Communication Course Through Content Based Instruction: Curriculum Design and Learner Perspectives in an EFL Context

This study intends to introduce a content based curriculum design for the course “cross cultural communication” in an EFL context. It also explores students’ perspectives regarding their perceived learning outcome with both content knowledge and language skills. Sixty non-English major EFL students from a university in Northern Taiwan participated in this study. Content knowledge from


The Strategies of Piano Manufacturers: Crafts, Industry and Marketing

This article focuses on a study of product architecture and marketing strategies of piano manufacturers; Steinway & Sons and Yamaha. Main consumers of Steinway piano are world class artists and concert halls. 99% of concert pianists and main concerts hall use Steinway pianos. On contrast Yamaha targeted the mid-priced segment rather than the high-end one. Gaining


Effects of EFL Instruction Utilizing International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) on Intelligibility of Japanese Students

This study focuses on intelligibility of Japanese students pronunciation. Japanese students are handicapped in acquiring EFL, because Japanese differs from English especially in phonetic system and the relation between letters and sound. The shortest unit of Japanese sound is a mora, while that of English is a phoneme. Therefore, Japanese students tend to insert vowels


A Field Report on the Art Movement: The Case of Mullae Arts Village, Seoul

This study takes a deep look at the art movement as cultural practices based on the local community by focusing on the case of the Mullae Arts Village in Seoul, Korea. The study adopts an ethnography to explore the characteristics of an art movement grounded in a specific location by pointing out the way art


Research on the Structural Forms of Dance

This paper which is about dance structure is the summary of the author’s practical experience, and could be regarded as a kind of theoretical exploration on the dance structure. It is presented mainly from the perspective of dance creation practice. However, research approaches used here are certainly interdisciplinary. To be more specific, the study refers


Marriage Al ‘Mosaico’ in Divorzio All’Islamica a Viale Marconi: Muslim-Arab Migrants’ Code Switching at Play in Amara Lakhous’ Novel

The present article focuses on a popular novel set in Rome, Divorzio all’ islamica a Viale Marconi (2010), in which the Italian-Algerian author Amara Lakhous discusses the struggles of immigrants in an ‘arabicized Italian’ narrative style. The study offers insights on the patterns and meanings of code-switching as used by postcolonial Muslim-Arab migrants living in


The Effect of Cluster Simplification in Thai on the English Language Learners

This research is aimed at studying the effect of the change in progress of spoken standard Thai in terms of true consonant cluster simplification on the Thai students learning English language. Thai language permits CC- with /k, kh, t, p, ph/ { ก, ข, ค, ต, ป, ผ, พ } in the first position and


Transglobal Culture, Hybrid Food, and Cultural Identity

The term ‘East’ and ‘West’ cannot repudiate the binary concept on ‘local’ and ‘global’. And today, the discussion on the meeting point of these two notions particularly in cultural phenomenon becomes social premiums in Indonesia. The trends of the intermingled East-West in fashion, language, food, and other art expressions, definitely cling to the process of


Teaching Whiteness in American Literature

Teaching Whiteness in American Literature discusses challenges to raising the consciousness of university students of American literature about the impact of whiteness/white supremacy on the development of American characters as they have been portrayed in American literature from J. Hector St. John De Crevecoeur’s late 17th century Letter’s from an American Farmer to David Mamet’s


Art and Politics in Iraq: Examining the Freedom Monument in Baghdad

The Iraqi Freedom Monument by Jawad Salim in Baghdad is an example of an artistic achievement that came into existence as a result of a clear political decision. This unique monument was designed after the changes that occurred in Iraq in 1958, the same year the Republic of Iraq was established. For this reason, one