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The Critical Success Factors of Strategy Implementation in Large Service Industry Organizations

Several studies have noted that the strategies often fail mainly at the implementation process. However, most of the research addresses the formation of strategy. The importance of strategy formation is not of lesser important. This paper addresses the implementation aspect of strategy deployment. Strategy execution is selecting a strategy for organizational action to accomplish specific


Identity Quest: When East Meets West in Bahaa Taher’s Sunset Oasis: A Post-Colonial Reading

The cultural representation of the Western Other in modern Arabic fiction is a formidable body of texts that stretches over a span of almost one hundred years – from the beginning of the twentieth century until the present. Emerging out of the experience of colonization, most of these fictional narratives have asserted themselves by foregrounding


Music Education, Legality and Social Inclusion in Italy

The rising of foreign children who arrive in Italy, requires research and realization of host locations, aimed at guaranteeing rights such as: the protection, education, housing and education. This as required by the International Convention on the rights of the child of 1989, ratified by the Italian Government in 1991 and subsequently saw its application


Feasibility Study of Teaching Persian Language and Foreign Languages to the Immigrants and Users of Tehran Public Libraries

This research has been done to survey the public library’s function in supporting of the language teaching process for immigrants. It is an analytical survey. A structured questionnaire is used to gather information. The study population includes 100 managers of Tehran public libraries attached to Iranian Public Libraries Foundation. Results revealed that most managers, 85%


When One Novel Talks with Another: The Dialogue Between Camus’ The Stranger and Kamel Daoud’s the Meursault Investigation

One of the 20th century’s major works of fiction is Camus’ The Stranger, a novel where a French Algerian kills an Arab and is executed for it. Is his condemnation based more on his disinterest in the recent passing of his mother? For many years, Meursault, the protagonist of this novel, beguiled readers with his


Assessment of the Results in Teaching of Control Systems Course in the Perspective of Gender

This paper discusses the assessment of the results in teaching the course of Control Systems in department of Electrical Engineering United Arab Emirates University (UAE-U). In this university, there are segregation in the delivering teaching in the class between female and male students. It means that for one course the instructor needs to open two


The Use of Contemporary Video Art Techniques to Convey Buddhist Dhamma Teaching

This research aims to explore the use of video art based on contemporary/western performing art and visual art techniques to convey eastern philosophy of Buddhist teaching of Truth or Dhamma. The qualitative methods were used for data collecting and analysis. It is found in this research that contemporary/western video art techniques could facilitate the artist


Beyt El Hekma’, The House of Wisdom: The Legacy of Arabic Science, Interdisciplinarity and Contemporary Art Practice

The Arab-Islamic Empire historically evidences interdisciplinary approaches to knowledge production and scholarship. This was realised with vast success during a period of intellectual expansion, religious tolerance and philosophical inquiry known as the Golden Age. One of the greatest innovations of this knowledge-based economy was the interdisciplinary approach to knowledge-production, which informs innovative approaches to contemporary