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TTV GUIDE TX Project: The Importance of Patient’s Values in Research

In health research, the participation of patients is essential, as it can contribute to increasing the acceptability and accessibility of health services, as well as improving both the quality and relevance of research. Knowledge based on one’s own experience with the disease, symptoms, therapy and the health system can complement scientific knowledge by providing broader


A Critique of Happiness: An Elusive Value as the Ground for Ethics in Aristotle’s Nicomachaen Ethics

The philosopher in Ethics is concerned with providing the ground for morality; the fundamental reason why we should be who we should be or the fundamental reason why we should do or not do what we choose to do or not to do. This is because philosophy investigates the ultimate ground or the fundamental reason


Environmental Ethics and the Concept of Life

The situation of our planet has generated serious cause for concern. Everyday humanity is confronted with serious environmental crises created as a result of the attempt to conquer or harness nature. This exploitative disposition is causing problems of dangerous proportion than what humanity can handle easily. Ecological problem as we have it today warrant urgent


The Association Between Free Will Beliefs and Stereotypes: People’s Belief in Fatalism Promotes Gender Stereotypes

The problem of free will has been analyzed by philosophers over the ages. In addition to these analyses, experimental philosophers and social psychologists have recently begun to explore the problem of free will from a different perspective. In specific, they examine what constitutes laypeople’s belief of free will and how these beliefs function in people’s