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Institutional Support and Maternal Health Outcomes – Review of Cross Country Experiences

Pregnancy and its related health outcomes have been identified as a key predictor of human development and therefore can be used as an indicator to measure a country’s human development index. For this reason, it is important to put in place strategies and measures that can help improve the maternal health outcomes. The aim of


Toward an Optimal Theory of Translation

Linguistic Theories and translation studies have long history. Even now, regarding some translation works, translation Studies is placed in the field of Applied Linguistics, whereas in others it is under cultural studies. This is perhaps a sign that it can be studied from a wide range of angles. This paper approaches the problem of analyzing


Equity, Social Justice and Economic Policies (Case of Study: The Taxes Systems)

All economic doctrines, ultimately aspire to one thing: reducing inequalities that exist in the population. By doing so, they would enhance the welfare of the most disadvantaged.However, the search for what is referred to as “social justice” or natural equity is often blurred, tedious and sometimes leads to paradoxes and raises many questions: what is


Restructuring of the System of Storage and Dispatch of Portuguese Air Force Material

Given the current economic conjuncture, organizations have the need to become more flexible and to follow more efficient practices, in order to adapt to this new environment and take advantage of their available resources.The Portuguese Air Force (PAF) is aware that the logistic component is crucial to improve effectiveness in its mission accomplishment.The objective of


Bureaucracy of Power-Dependence in Domestic Politics, and Diplomacy of Linkage, Interdependence and Soft Law between US, UK, EU and Japan

This paper investigates the Bureaucracy of Power-Dependence in Domestic Politics and Diplomacy of Linkage, Interdependence and Soft Law between U.S., U.K., EU and Japan. This paper consists of three parts. First, this paper explores the similarity of power-dependence in domestic politics and interdependence in diplomacy. I consider the power-dependence theory in central-local government relations by


Build-Up to the Waste House

The Brighton Waste House was completed in 2014 – built almost entirely by the collaborative work of some 300 young people studying construction trades, architecture and design and even some still at school. The building was Europe’s first permanent public building made almost entirely from material thrown away or not wanted. It is also an