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The Role of International Student Mobility in Hybridized Stem and Interdisciplinary Programs in Japanese Higher Education

The task of producing students who are global citizens confronts Japanese higher education as a path to domestic and international success. I use the University of Tsukuba’s example to demonstrate and analyze of current trends in international student mobility in Japanese STEM research programs. The Japanese government’s “Global 30” program aims to expand internationalization at


A Mobile Software Development Using Aspect Orientation Approach

Today mobile devices are widely used everywhere, and have rapidly changed. One of the major characteristics of the mobile software is to continuous need and demand for faster development. Separation of concerns in the mobile software development is essential for adaptability and extensibility. An adaptability is a capable to adapt with respect to the environment


A Software Model Design for Examiner Personal Verification Systems

Nowadays the examiner personal verification system in most universities uses a comparing methodology to match a physical appearance of an examiner to a student ID card. This methodology is simple but it easily leads to an examination cheating. For instances, some students face has been changed during study but his/her student ID card is not


Conceptual Framework: A Mobile Software Model for Web Based Learning

Currently, mobile devices are very extensively used in our society as we have realized the large number of brought mobile devices in each recent year. With rapid advancing evolution of wireless networking technologies and innovation in mobile devices, a mobile learning has become another alternative learning. This article presents an innovative software development of a


An Interactively Application of Fairy Tales for Preschool Children

There are many classics fairy tales, the Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, etc. which are well known by every child across the world. These stories not only are interesting, but also have educational value. The rapid development of mobile devices and the increase in their use by preschool children, revealing how technology


Designing the Multimodal Network in an Agriculture Supply Chain in Thailand

In terms of economic situation towards logistics implementation, it is found that one of the most important factors to consider about is transportation costs which need to be handled in many ways in order to get the best effectiveness and the lowest costs for the best profitability. For land transportation, rail transportation costs cheaper when