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Intensive English Program for Engineering Students: An Action Research

Most international students take pre-college or pre-graduate school Intensive English Programs (IEP) to improve English skills in order to fulfill the language requirement of universities. While most IEPs offer courses that address skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing for personal and academic enrichment, to prepare students for their future majors also needs to be


An Interlanguage Pragmatic Study on Taiwanese EFL Learners’ Email Requests

This study aims to investigate EFL learners interlanguage pragmatic development through the elicited request emails addressed to the faculty in an institutional setting. Sixty Taiwanese students of two linguistic levels (i.e., high-intermediate, and low-intermediate) were included and different email tasks with varied imposition levels were designed to examine if and how students use of request


Effect of Imposition on Refusals of Requests by Vietnamese ESL Learners in Speaking and Emails

This study investigated effect of imposition on how Vietnamese learners of English at different levels of language proficiency refuse requests in speaking and emails. The comparison between two modes (speaking and writing) was also performed. The data was obtained with the support of 24 Vietnamese students in Melbourne, which comprise three groups of eight. Using