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How Does a Speaker Maintain Her Local Language in a Multilingual Speech Society? A Case Study of a Sasak Girl Staying in Central Java

It is generally known that some people can live in one place in their entire live while some others are not. In line with this condition, moving to a new place affect their live including their language. In regard to this situation, this paper aims to find out how a Sasak girl maintains her local


Implementing Mother Tongue Based-Multilingual Education in an Area of Armed Conflict in Southern Philippines: A Case Study

With Philippine schools adopting the use of mother tongue as the medium of instruction from Kindergarten to Grade 3, this case study looked into how the Mother Tongue Based- Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) programme was implemented in an area of armed conflict. The study answered the following questions: 1) How is MTB-MLE implemented in an area


School and Family Involvement in Educational Practices in French Polynesia

The purpose of this paper is to present an ongoing research project financed by the Ministry of Overseas in France. The paper describes a longitudinal exploratory study that aims at gathering a large scale corpus on educational practices both from classroom and family environments from five French Polynesian archipelagos. To our knowledge no other study