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Narrating War in Wartime Manchukuo: The Movement of Propaganda Films in Rural Northeastern China in 1932-1945

This research examines how the propaganda films made by Japanese colonial authority were screened in rural area of Manchukuo without any cinematic apparatus, and what the portrayals of the war and daily life in Manchukuo are in those films. The focus is on Manchurian Films, produced by South Manchuria Railway Company and Manchuria Film Association.


Wayang Kulit and Its Influence on Modern Entertainment

Wayang Kulit is one of the oldest forms of puppet based performances, originating from Java, Indonesia. A form of shadow puppetry, Wayang Kulit is traditionally performed behind a white cotton screen illuminated with an oil lamp by a Dalang, the puppeteer of a Wayang performance. These performances usually last throughout the night, serving as both