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Transborder Mobility and (Re)construction of Boundaries in the Sino-North Korea Borderland

Most of the existing research on the migration in the Sino-North Korea borderland ignores the pre-existing fluidity of legal and illegal mobility between the northern part of North Korea and the northern provinces of China. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the land around the border between North Korea and China was the ethnic


Understanding the Insides of Un-Soung Pai (1900-1978): Records About Korean Artists’ Work and Life, Including Their Identity

This presentation explores the role of identity, and the issues surrounding it, for Korean modern artists under Japanese colonization (1910-1945) by focusing on Korean artist Un-Soung Pai’s work and life. I will mainly focus on his art studies in Europe and his relationship with Japanese culture and celebrities from various circles during that period. Un-Soung Pai