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In Search of Justice Narratives in Music Performances

Since the Indonesian independence era, the topic of justice has become the concerns of gamelan composers believing that music posseses power to deliver ideals that are deeply conceived by audiences. Through gamelan performances, they can criticize the misconduct of rulers, disagree with the management of natural resources, condemn the behavior of bureaucrats, and promote government’s


Silesia and Oikology: What Knowledge of Home Does Silesia Offer?

The author addresses the problem of the philosophy of the Silesian home. Silesia is a borderland in Central Europe now located mostly in Poland, with small parts in the Czech Republic and Germany, whose cultural and political history was influenced by various traditions. The Silesian narrative of home, the unique Silesian oikology, brings us closer


The Possession of Narratives: Telling and Transmitting Caste in Indian Folktales

This paper postulates that caste in India is not just a sociological category, or an existential reality, but has been historically constituted of narratives that shape both. It will elaborate this firstly, by offering a brief survey of the rich store of myths, fables and parables meant for the children that have emerged and been