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Urban Landscape and the “Disinhabitation” in Japanese Cinema

Postwar Japan started the increasing wave of modernization and industrialization as an inseparable element of the Japanese ‘miraculous’ economic and social rebirth. One of the symbols of this renewal is the new middle-class embodied by the salaryman, the very new face of bright future and success. However, postwar intellectuals such as artists and filmmakers quickly


The​ ​Wise​:​ ​An​ ​Animated​ ​Adaptation​ ​of​ ​Thai​ ​Contemporary​ ​Literature

Most of animated adaptations in Thailand come from literary works. However, the animation’s inventiveness has been inhibited by its fidelity on the literary source. Although fidelity discourse cannot be ignored in adaptation since it creates a strong connection to the original, I contend that not only similarities, but also differences, are essential for the dialogue


Documentary As Autoethnography: A Case Study Based on the Changing Surnames of Women

In the autoethnographic research method, researchers analyse their own subjectivity and life experiences, and treat the self as ‘other’ while calling attention to issues of power. At this juncture, the researcher and the researched, the dominant and the subordinate, individual experience and socio-cultural structures can be examined. As an emerging filmmaker I have made the