Tag: Environmental Sustainability & Environmental Management: Atmosphere and Air


Theoretical Underpins of Lean Construction for Environmental Sustainability in the Built Environment of Developing Economies

One of the key global concerns for sustainability is to achieve environmental sustainability. According to earlier studies achieving environmental sustainability is attainable mainly through sustainable activities in the built environment, particularly in developing economies where not much has been achieved. Thus, this study robustly reviews the theoretical discourse that underpins Lean Construction. The potentials Lean


CFD Simulation of Natural Ventilation in Urban Buildings Due to Wind Effect

Previous studies regarding natural ventilation in buildings were mostly limited to isolated buildings. Considering an urban context, this study investigates the wind-induced single-sided natural ventilation in buildings near a long street canyon under a perpendicular wind direction using CFD method. Four aspect ratios (AR) of the street canyon, from 1.0, 2.0, 4.0 to 6.0, are