Tag: Energy Economics and Ecological Economics


Management System Prototype for an Electric Iron to Contribute to Energy Efficiency

In this paper, a management system prototype for electric iron is presented with the purpose of monitoring tension, current, energy and costs parameters, besides of controlling the real time turning On and Off using a web application. The objective is to reduce electric energy consumption to contribute with energy efficiency processes and home security. The


Oil Producers, Refiners and Renewable Energy Consumers: Correlation to the Wealth, Competitiveness, Peace and Happiness of Populations

A popular perception suggests that nations with abundant natural resources will ultimately demonstrate stronger economic performance. Studies investigating this perception, however, showed conflicting results. Fossil energy resources abundance (oil), processing capacity of energy resources (oil refining) and use of renewable energy technology from forty five countries, were correlated with four socio-economic indicators. The indicators included


Investment, Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions: An Analysis on the Strategy of Industry Development

Taiwan has exposed the vulnerability of its economy during the 2008 financial crisis. The issues on democratization, the rise of citizen��s consciousness and environmental protection have received well attention. The symbiosis of economic activity and environment has failed to meet current needs. We combine the Habitat Segregation Theory and the Spiral Pattern of Economic Development