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Effects of CSR Performance and Disclosure on Institutional Ownership

Study investigates correlations and lead-lag relationships between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the institutional ownership base of North American and European utility companies. Authors use two samples of 105 and 87 mid- to large-cap utility companies and a multivariate panel data regression, to examine each of the CSR dimensions (environmental, social and governance) for the


Socio-Energy-Environmental Management in West Bali: A Case Study of Gilimanuk Gas-Turbine Power Plant, Indonesia

This paper mainly presents about Environmental Management, taking into account energy and societal aspects, of Gilimanuk Gas-Turbine Power Plant (GTPP), West Bali ā€“ Indonesia. Currently Gilimanuk GTPP is a stand-by unit for electricity back-up in Java ā€“ Madura ā€“ Bali (JaMaLi) interconnection grid system. For the last couple years, Gilimanuk GTPP is not fully operational,


CSR Activities and Employee Perceptions in Family-Run Businesses in Eastern Thailand

Many (Thai) scholars have suggested that the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was introduced to Thailand by large foreign companies, many of which have active and typically formalised CSR programmes. However, family-run businesses in Thailand (FRBT) often practice a different form of CSR, driven by a desire to “give back to society”, influenced by