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The Participation of Young Refugees in Programme Designing: Social Inclusion and the Restoration of Cultural Normalcy in the Philippines

The Philippines has been continuously lauded by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for its consistency in promoting international solidarity through the acceptance of refugees and asylum seekers, despite its economic and social instability. This paper intends to discuss the efforts of the Philippines in its adherence to its international


Ethnicity and Community History Related to Active Aging Development at Sao Cha-Ngok Subdistrict, Bangkla District, Chacheongsao Province, Thailand

This research was aimed to develop a guideline for promoting a better health quality of elderly in Sao Cha-ngok Sub-district, Bangkla District, Chachoengsao Province, Thailand, while the quality of life in terms of the potentiality, value, and being active in participation of ageing in society, should be enhanced. The study mainly focused on the investigation


Contributing and Inhibiting Factors of Cultural Adjustment

There is a growing population of international students in U.S., and though previously only the elite or scholastically advanced students were able to study abroad, currently this experience is becoming more easily accessible. As this new demographic grows, questions arise on how to make international students experience in U.S. more positive and less stressful. Asian


The Influence of Religious Beliefs on Participation of the Public for Local Government in Thailand: A Conceptual Perspective

The purpose of this study is to describe the empirical data corresponds the influence of religion belief variables that effect on people participation in Thepparat Sub-district Organizational Administration, Banpho, Chacheongsao, Eastern Thailand. The specific aims of this study are to 1) study the belief and religion variables that effect people participation, 2) examine the accordance


Suicide Prevention as Governance: Suicide Discourses in Post-Martial Law Taiwan

This thesis re-examines the current dominance of suicide prevention discourse and the widely accepted pathologized suicide implications in contemporary Taiwan. Increasingly constructing suicide as a personal and psychological problem, this pathologization of suicide has helped the creation of institutions, discourses, and national policies that work together to form a concrete demonstration of social and emotional