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Storytelling and Playing with History: The Ludic in French and Chinese Fiction

This paper explores how the device of storytelling can be used in fiction to construct a specifically ludic i.e. playful and gamelike literature. I compare two novels as a case-study: the 20C French writer Georges Perec’s La Vie, mode d’emploi (Life: a User’s Manual) and the 19C Chinese scholar Li Ruzhen’s fantasy novel Flowers in


Between Justice and Love: Buffy Summers as Chosen Vampire Slayer

This study discusses how the different morals of justice and love are thematized in the role of Buffy Summers, the main protagonist in the Saturn Award-winning TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Prior to the 20th century, vampire served as antagonists, depicted as the embodiment of evil in various media. The modern vampire genre has


The Law of the Ghost: Late Nineteenth Century Ghost Stories in China and Britain

The laws of the human world is often seen as inadequate in implementing justice, so that imaginations about an alternative law appear frequently in literature, and that is the law of the ghost. Cultural imaginations of the ghost in both East and West are closely related with ideas of justice. In traditional Chinese culture the