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Surviving at Fire and Post-Fire Debris/Mudflow Prone Zones in Colorado Front Range in Light Feng-Shui

Extreme climate patterns in recent decades have led to frequent fire events, rainstorms and debris/mudflows in Colorado Front Range, USA. The landforms of Rocky Mountains coincide with these natural hazards. Once people settle in hazard-prone zones, they are in danger. In many cases, disastrous tragedies stem from design errors. These mistakes in practice reflect a


Environmental Intensity of Human Wellbeing in Bhutan : Evidence from Regression Analysis

A special volume on ‘Absolute Reductions’ in the Journal of Cleaner Production (Akenji, Bengtsson, Bleischwitz, Tukker, & Schandl, 2016) emphasised the need for a radical socio-technical transformation that can bring material, energy and emissions within the ecological limits. Economic activities are at the heart of consumption of materials and energy and emissions being the waste