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The Social History of Chronic STIs in Africa: Experiences From Cameroon

The emergence of chronic sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Africa has been nightmare to medical scientists who experience different clinical and social histories every day around these infections. Medical history show that HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B virus (HBV) are the only chronic STIs for the moment. This study narrates the life experiences of some patients


Surviving and Thriving in Times of Change by Learning from the Past: Promoting the Cultural, Social and Economic Value of Ancient Myths and Tales in Modern Societies

Chair: Bernard Montoneri, National Chengchi University, Taiwan Every civilization has its own myths, which are often symbolic battles between good and evil. Each hero goes through struggles against a personal enemy by learning specific values. The most modern examples of myths can be found in fantasy fiction. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia and Rowling’s Harry Potter


Saw Vocal Tradition in Local Schooling: The Contestation between Official Knowledge and Localized Knowledge

The prevailing discourses on Thai Education indicate that school is highly institutionalized and culturally hegemonized. It serves an important apparatus for the reproduction of state ideology in disciplining and preparing desired citizen. This paper is a conceptual paper that aims to address the question of whether school is actually a negotiating space. The paper argues