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Levelling the Score – The Role of Individual Perceptions of Justice in the Creation of Unethical Outcomes in Business

Rationalist models of ethical decision making assume that higher order conscious reasoning dominates the ethical decision making process however research shows that psychopaths have a similar capacity for ethical decision making to the rest of the population. In contrast research from the fields of social psychology, criminology and neurocognitive science shows that personal and contextual


Ethical Judgments of Directors’ on Earnings Management Practices

The objective of this study is to determine directors’ ethical judgments of earnings management practices. We use the questionnaire which was originally designed by Bruns and Merchant (1990) which consists of 13 earnings management scenarios. The questionnaire asked the directors to rate their acceptability of earnings management practices using a 5-point scale ranging from ethical


Disclosure of Zakat Information: Is it Important?

Despite the high collection of Zakat fund, hardcore poverty among Muslims is still exist especially in rural area. The difficulties in the application process as compared to payment are also give bad impressions to Zakat institutions. This situation sparks public debate on how Zakat fund being managed by this institution. Why there are so many