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Writing of the History: Ernesto Rogers Between Estrangement and Familiarity of Architectural History

Ernesto Rogers was the key figure of the post-war Italian architecture. Architect, educator, writer, editor, he was a man of a great erudition and talent. As with many intellectuals of the post – Second World War Italy, he theorized history and used somewhat eclectically sources to promote his idea of continuity as a temporal model


La Mise Hors Scène Screen Memory

Regarding mise-en-scène, in Antonin Artaud’s letter to theater critic, Benjamin Crémieux, Artaud candidly expressed that “mise-en-scène itself” could act as a safeguard to “another language”. Reading this today, it reflects well upon Jacques Rancière’s Les sorties du Verb. In Jean-Francois Lyotard’s essay, L’Acinéma (1973), Lyotard expands mise-en-scène to become motions inside and outside the borders


Art From Tibetan Buddhist Perspective

Art, divided into art works of fine art; and art objects of religion, where religion is largely defined, which includes world religions like Christianity and Buddhism, it also includes folk religions, or local religions. Amongst religion, some objects are treated as person, it, certainly has agency, but the agency is given within a particular context.