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Teachers’ View on the Use of Portfolio Assessment in Secondary Schools In Indonesia

Having been undergoing several changes in a decade, the concept of students’ evaluation system in Indonesia has significantly transformed. In this regard, portfolio assessment has been taken into account as an alternative way to measure students’ development based on the process and result of learning. However, lack of familiarity with this kind of assessment, followed


Junior College EFL Students Respond Better to a Formative Assessment Project Than a Paper Midterm

Replacing paper midterms with a challenging, assessment project is in line with Robinson and Ross’ ideas on measurement: “traditional skills-focused tests of EAP ability relate only weakly to learners’ ability to act on such skills in authentic task conditions (1996).” The Be Our Guest Midterm Assessment Project aimed to confirm that classroom-based, formative assessment leads to


Videos as a Final Project for Assessment of Spanish as a Foreign Language in High Education Context

The present article shows how we are using audiovisual projects to assess different skills in the Spanish language of a Spanish beginner´s group of students that are learning Spanish as a Foreign Language in a College context. We are using midterm and final projects to evaluate their learning process. It is a variant of Project