Witnessing the Birth of Asian Hollywood through the Hong Kong Film Archive: An Informational Interview with the Head of the Hong Kong Film Archive


Hong Kong Chinese-language cinema has a century-old history. In comparison to cinema in China, Hong Kong enjoyed a greater degree of political expression. The Hong Kong cinema industry produced a greater variety of Chinese-language films, without having to suffer from the constraints imposed by government censorship. For decades, Hong Kong reported to be the third largest motion picture industry in the world, after Bollywood and Hollywood, and the second largest exporter. However, Hong Kong cinema did not attract scholarly attentions until the mid-1980s. The HKFA is the first research-based institution to be established for documenting the history and evolution of the region's cinema. This article is a direct face-to-face informational interview with Richie Lam, Head of the Hong Kong Film Archive - who discusses the film collection, expertise at the HKFA, strategic plans at the HKFA, as well as the Institute's contributions to the film industry and popular culture.

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Patrick Lo, University of Tsukuba, Japan
Richie Lam, Hong Kong Film Archive, Hong Kong

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Conference: FilmAsia2013
Stream: Film

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