Profile Based Electronic Learning Content Aggregation and Delivery System Using Self Learning Satisfaction Index of User as Feedback


Every human entity born in the universe, will possess distinct characteristics, some inherited, other their own. Human beings when compared mainly differ in their biological, chemical and psychological characteristics. These differences make human beings to receive, perceive, interpret and store information differently based on their cognitive abilities. This proposes a challenge for the design of traditional and/or electronic teaching learning systems to cater to the diversified needs of the learner. In traditional learning systems, the challenge is on the tutors to identify learning abilities of the pupils and teach accordingly. To some extent this has been achieved by good tutors, which most of the time is not a scalable proposition. The advent of electronic learning systems have, been able to successfully achieve the scalability aspect of this ecosystem. The current electronic learning systems to greater extent do not take into account the learning ability or comprehension index of the learner. This work attempts to propose a concept, model and/or mechanism for electronic learning systems to aggregate and deliver the content to the learner based on the profile of the user, which include comprehension index of the learner. This is achieved by utilizing self-learning satisfaction index of the learner as feedback.

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Nitin Pujari, PES Institute of Technology, India

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Conference: ACTC2013
Stream: Technology in the Classroom

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