The University and Postmodern Times


Around the 1950s, in the so-called “post-industrial era”, science and the University, given the technological impact of knowledge, underwent substantial changes in their statutes, by marginalizing the theoretical framework provided by the philosopher, relegating ontological issues to the sidelines and prioritizing gnosiological issues. From the moment that the metaphysical framework of modern science was invalidated, concepts dear to modern thought such as “truth”, “subject”, “totality”, “reason”, “progress” give way due to disbelief in the face of philosophical-metaphysical metadiscourse, with timeless and universalizing pretensions (LYOTARD, 1998). The pursuit of university efficiency and excellence can no longer be based on the traditional alchemy of cost-benefit calculation with increased productivity (manpower production that meets market needs). Success evaluation criteria begin to incorporate dimensions that go beyond the economic organization that sees the University as a company that must be guided by managers, but that concern social, cultural life and environmental preservation. It can be said that efficiency is not just “doing things well”, according to market rules, but “doing good things” according to ethical principles. It is the duty of the Academy to bring to those who enjoy it directly or indirectly the eudaimonia that is not based on riches, nor pleasures, nor on honors but on a virtuous life, raising the thought for the common good, in which one stops seeking one's own pleasure and elevates the thought of the common good, bringing enthusiasm in living.

Author Information
Alyson da Silva Leal, Unifenas, Brazil
Virgínio Cândido Tosta de Souza, Universidade Vale do Sapucaí, Brazil
Kátia Rejane Rodrigues Leal, Unifenas, Brazil
Carolina Rodrigues Leal, Unifenas, Brazil

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Conference: ERI2023
Stream: Emerging Philosophical Perspectives on Learning & Education

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Leal A., Souza V., Leal K., & Leal C. (2023) The University and Postmodern Times ISSN: 2435-1202 – The IAFOR Conference on Educational Research & Innovation: 2023 Official Conference Proceedings
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