Category: Emerging Philosophical Perspectives on Learning & Education


How Highly Achieved Students Differ From the Others? A Text-Mining Approach to Personal Learning Goals

People often set goals at the start of a new event in their life. Goals are related to performance across different domains, including sports, psychotherapy, leadership, health care, as well as education. Those students who set learning goals are found to have higher learning motivation, more persistence in learning, better course attendance, and better academic


The University and Postmodern Times

Around the 1950s, in the so-called “post-industrial era”, science and the University, given the technological impact of knowledge, underwent substantial changes in their statutes, by marginalizing the theoretical framework provided by the philosopher, relegating ontological issues to the sidelines and prioritizing gnosiological issues. From the moment that the metaphysical framework of modern science was invalidated,


School for Social Justice: Pedagogical Reflections on Equity in Education in Gramscian Perspective With a Focus on the Italian Context

The role of school for social justice is supported internationally (Connel, 1993; Hytten & Bettez, 2011; Pearson & Reddy, 2021): everyone must be included in democratic participatory processes (Bauman & Tester, 2002; Gerwitz, 2006) and have the cultural and political tools to change History (Bell, 2007; Hackman, 2005). Taking equity in education (Rawls, 1972; Nussbaum,


Remembering the Future: Making Art & Design Education Relevant in a Decolonizing, Globalizing Pakistan

At the dawn of 21st century the idea of decolonization was getting stronghold in every field of life. The concept was considered to be an essential integer for global harmony. In Pakistan, it took around two more decades to create awareness and to popularize the notion in a way that engaged the thinkers, academics, policy


Educators’ Perspectives of Emotional Support in South African Schools Amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic disruption in South Africa resulted in the Department of Basic Education (DOE) implementing measures to salvage teaching and learning in primary and secondary schools. While these measures are critical to strengthen teaching and learning in schools, the emotional well-being of educators who are drivers of teaching and learning are given less attention


Centralization of Academic Operations as a Pathway to Increased Efficiencies and an Improved Faculty Experience

There are many challenges associated with the management of adjunct faculty profiles and operations in an online, asynchronous environment. One of the biggest challenges for our institution was with the centralization of many of the processes, records, and data that exists across various systems at the university. These include the faculty management system (FMS), student