Active Learning to Enhance Students’ Learning Experiences in a Large Enrolled Computer Science Technical Module


Teaching technical modules such as programming to first year, passive learner students is very tricky. Teaching such a module can be even more challenging when it becomes a large enrolment course. This research experiment aims to explain how a combination of active learning strategies such as flipped classroom, problem-based learning and individual and group activities employed to cultivate an interactive environment in which students can express themselves freely while learning to engage with the past in meaningful ways. Strategies to keep students ‘on-task’ were also discussed which are vital for student retention and progression. The findings from student grades, student self-reported outcome as well as the survey indicate that exploiting active learning strategies improve student understanding of the module, enhance their social interaction with their peers and also lead to a greater interest of such technical computer science module.

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Mohammad Reza Zare, University of Leicester, United Kingdom

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Conference: ECE2020
Stream: Teaching Experiences

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