Investigation of the Learning Effects of Presentation-style Lessons and the Basic Social Skills of Students With Spontaneous Beat Gestures


The purpose of this study is outlined in the following two points. First, an investigation into the effects of presentation activities conducted on the summary of the second language learning units. One hundred and eighteen (118) presentation-style learners and eighty-three (83) grammar-style learners participated. As predicted, the presentation group performed better than the grammar group in the description test because they had many scenes in the class where the uttered contents were more consciously considered than in the grammar group. However, even in the grammatical sections, the grammar group results eventually did not differ from the presentation group. Second, the relationship between the learner's utterance ability to produce beat gestures and sociality was investigated. Twenty-four (24) beat students and Forty-seven (47) non-beat students participated. As a result, there was no significant difference in the number of uttered words between the beat group and the non-beat group. However, looking back at the images recorded in the video, the non-beat group produced the same number of uttered words regardless of the learning difficulty, whereas the beat group produced more beats than the number of uttered words when the difficulty was higher. Regarding sociality, it became clear that the beat group was more conscious of taking action, working harder, engaging in teamwork, discipline, and manners than the non-beat group. The purpose of this thesis is to introduce the practical learning effects of second language learning through presentation-style learning and the social nature of learners who derive beat gestures during the lesson.

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Noboru Fukuda, National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), Nagaoka College, Japan

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Conference: ECE2020
Stream: Learning Experiences

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