An Alternative Paradigm to Cognize Power: Spiritual Subscription


The paper situates power in the hand of spiritualism which guides our daily activities starting with highly intellectual to simple domestic activity. All these activities are seamed through this inherent disposition of power and blossom with the cultivation of insight in all living beings. In our hurried and superficial view of things 'Spiritualism' which was in oblivion so far or often mistily identify with religion, has been defined anew. The new definition will bring out both the cognitive and pragmatic role of power in subscribing the true nature of the problem. I have shown in this paper that everywhere in life we find inconsistency, contradiction and incoherence that defy all rules of causation, giving us a strange self-shattered feeling. We either try to side with one option and combat with the other, or we try to compromise between them, or accept them as our destiny. Most people lack the power to balance them judiciously. But, the art of cracking a problem is concerned with tactfully holding two opposite ideas in tension, which is sometimes described as Madhyam Pantha in Buddhist philosophy or the 'Golden Mean' in Aristotles work. The paper defines spiritualism as a tool for channelizing this power-flow within the framework, yet transmitting it beyond that framework so that one can develop the insight to understand the nodes and knots of ones life-web. This alternative way out is the nesting ground for spiritualism, that can transform human instinct to a spontaneous skill. It is a Sanskrit word.

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Madhu Kapoor, Vivekananda College, India

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Conference: ECERP2015
Stream: Philosophy - Linguistics

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Posted by James Alexander Gordon